Bulk chocolate to cook - 80%

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Bulk chocolate to cook - 80%

Bulk chocolate to cook - 80%

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Please note this is an 80% dark chocolate to be cooked to make desserts of incredible intensity!!

This chocolate (80% cacao) contains only two ingredients: organic cacao and organic sugar and nothing else. It is not tempered which means you will see the cocoa butter crystals appear, leaving more whitish shapes and bands. This is normal since it is raw chocolate (not tempered as we say). It is perfect for melting in a bain marie for your confections, icing and much more. You can break it into pieces to add to your muffins, cookies and more.

This bulk chocolate comes in a 250g kraft bag.

There are no limits to your imagination. Imagine the decadent desserts you'll make with this dark chocolate?!

Organic cocoa, organic cane sugar. Nothing else !

chocolate, nuts

Weight: 250g | Cocoa: 80% | Origin: Blend Avanaa

100% vegan

- Cocoa Glory -

Precious cocoas

We obviously seek to find the best cocoas in the world... but also to partner with farmers who fight to preserve the incredible biodiversity of the tropics.

From bean to tablet

Every cocoa bean that enters our factory is sorted by hand, roasted in micro-batches and ground under granite stones for days.

Our chocolate revolution

Ethical cocoas.
Local transformation.
Ecological approach.
Epic chocolates!