9 raisons de manger plus de chocolat. À tous les jours.

9 reasons to eat more chocolate. Daily.

Dark chocolate has many health benefits and cocoa can be seen as a super (or even a turbo) food. In short, no more feeling of guilt when eating dark chocolate. The next time you accidentally eat an entire bar, remember one of 9 reasons why dark chocolate is amazing:
1- Good Mood
Chocolate makes us happy. Do I really need to say more to convince you? It is its richness in amino acids which would increase the production of serotonins and endorphins. Two hormones playing an important role in our daily good mood.
2- Excellent nutritional value
It is good for your nutrition since it is rich in minerals. It is also rich in fiber, protein and has good fats. For example, in a 100 gram 70-85% cocoa tablet you will find a daily intake of 10% protein, 30% vitamin B6, 90% iron, 65% magnesium, 45% phosphorus and 35% zinc. and 11% fiber.
3- Helps your blood circulation
Dark chocolate improves the health of your cardiovascular system thanks to its vasodilating effects. According to several studies, this effect is only short-term. It must be consumed regularly to benefit from this benefit on a daily basis.
4- You will have younger looking skin
Cocoa protects your skin from the sun and aging thanks to antioxidants. It's not magic so you still have to continue to put on sunscreen ;-).
5- Reduces stress
Natural stress reducer due to its magnesium content. It is not always easy to find magnesium-rich ingredients in our daily lives. A little dark chocolate can help reduce your stress. We would be crazy to do without it, wouldn't we?!
6- Reduces bad cholesterol
For what? Cocoa is rich in soluble fiber which helps lower bad cholesterol.
7- Good for the brain
It could improve your cognitive functions like memory for example and keep your brain healthy.
8- A good stimulant can be practical, right?!
It is a moderate stimulant thanks to its theobromine content and a low amount of caffeine. It therefore becomes an important ally when we lack a little energy in our often too busy daily life.
9- The pleasure of tasting
Quality dark chocolate takes you away when it melts in your mouth. The aromas are complex and rich. In my opinion, the tasting experience and the pleasure should be the #1 reason to consume it. The rest is just a bonus. Before buying your next chocolate bar, remember that to benefit from the virtues of chocolate, you must first consume chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (say 65% ​​and more, learn more in this article ). In fact, the superfood is mainly cocoa, so the more cocoa your chocolate contains, the more you will get a significant benefit in terms of your health. It's a shame, but the little (barely) chocolate candy bought at the local convenience store will bring you almost none of the benefits of dark chocolate...

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