Quand une tablette de chocolat devient un objet artistique

When a chocolate bar becomes an artistic object

Design and business start-up: an identity to build

When we started Avanaa, we put a lot of effort into the design of our packaging and our visual identity. We wanted our chocolate to be completely different from what you find on the shelves. It was very important for us to make our difference felt. We had the chance to work with a fiery team: Caserne (graphics team) and then they introduced us to Cécile Gariépy (illustrator). It was the perfect match! In short, it is largely this assembly of talents that has made the beauty of our packaging. From there, we had our base to build everything else: from the website, to the workshop-boutique. There are many bean to bar chocolate companies that have a similar background to ours and offer creative and artistic design. A common denominator of the craftsman's work is also to create a product in his image, while asserting his uniqueness.

In a competitive world like chocolate, believe me, it's not easy. You have to be able to make the customer understand in a fraction of a second that we are not multinationals but that, on the contrary, everything is done by hand, that our ingredients are chosen with great care and that our cocoa is paid for at a fair price. For Avanaa, the colorful universe, the unusual format, as well as the representation of cacaotero farmers reflect our vision of chocolate connected to its terroir and its origins. This is also our work as craftsmen, the enhancement of the terroir of each cocoa that we transform. This is what makes the challenge interesting day after day.

Here is a short list of our favorite bean to bar chocolate makers:

Beautiful Cocoa (England):

From the mold to the packaging, everything is elegant and well thought out. I like the mix of colors and gold. It's far from kitsch. In addition, the couple works with beans from Malaysia, the country of co-founder Bo San Cheung. The design is also inspired by Malaysian fabrics.

Bahen & Co (Australia):

Another Australian couple who have a very traditional approach. They have renovated sometimes century-old equipment. Their packaging is very vintage & artistic, while keeping the balance.

Land (England):

It is a very clean and efficient packaging. I love the concept. They have chosen for an unusual style in the world of chocolate. Bravo for the audacity! Their factory is based in London.

Marou chocolate makers (Vietnam):

Their factory is in Vietnam but they are known all over the planet. I really like their packaging because they are imbued with their mission: to showcase Vietnam and its cocoa. Thanks to them and to the work of the farmers, Vietnam is now recognized for its exceptional chocolates.

Naive (Lithuania):

It is a rather original bean to bar. The design of the packaging is unique and highly sought after. Each tablet has its atypical and colorful illustration. Definitely, Naive have packaging that is worth checking out.

Such beautiful and good objects that are given so well as gifts

I hope you liked the packaging we found for you. Packaging is a big part of business start-up work. There are often several months of work behind. In our case, it took us at least three months to get there. Is it worth it ! When our customers congratulate us and are happy, it's a sign that we've done a good job and that motivates us for the future....In addition, it ensures that these artisanal chocolates become beautiful gifts to offer because Who doesn't really like chocolate?!!!

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