Cacao nibs

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Cacao nibs

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Cacao nib is the raw material of chocolate! We slightly roast our whole cacao beans, then we winnow to separate the shell and the results is delicious crunchy nibs.

Perfect for smoothies, brownies, marinades, baking and soooooo much more.

Organic cacao nibs

Weight: 100g | Origin: Ecuador

100% natural and vegan

- Cocoa Glory -

Precious cocoas

We obviously seek to find the best cocoas in the world... but also to partner with farmers who fight to preserve the incredible biodiversity of the tropics.

From bean to tablet

Every cocoa bean that enters our factory is sorted by hand, roasted in micro-batches and ground under granite stones for days.

Our chocolate revolution

Ethical cocoas.
Local transformation.
Ecological approach.
Epic chocolates!