Book – In the kitchens of the world

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Book – In the kitchens of the world

Book – In the kitchens of the world

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Passionate about multicultural cuisine, Marianne Lefebvre offers this beautiful recipe book that is unlike any other. She brought together people from all over the world, who opened their kitchens… and their hearts to her. Each chapter presents a typical menu, tells the inspiring story of the person you met and the culinary culture of their country. There are around fifteen immigrants from the four corners of the planet and around fifty small and large delights with exotic flavors.

Embellished with candid photos, this colorful, tempting and warm book takes the reader off the beaten track and has fun, while helping to nourish their interest in world cuisine and healthy eating. The expert author also offers a host of tips to help us make even the most unknown recipes by adapting them and slipping in ingredients that are easy to find here.

A work which testifies to the richness of multiculturalism, an ode to diversity, an invitation to reach out to others.

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